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Naruto Cloak

Explore our Akatsuki Long Ninja Dress and our Naruto Cloak to perfect your Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Costumes and Cosplay! A cape is a type of large garment that is generally worn over clothing, protecting the wearer from cold, rain, wind, and other weather. Over the years, the models of coats have been modified to fit the fashion and textiles available with designs that are often well marked in relation to the fashion and the year used. Our Naruto Cloak are perfect for all Naruto Shippuden fans who would like to wear the same Cloak as their favorite ninja or even cosplay with the perfect accessory to perfect their costume. Set out to conquer the Hidden Leaf Village and capture other Bijuu like Nine Tails with the help of the Akatsuki. The members of the Akatsuki suggest you to wear their color to go on a mission, a beautiful black coat with red clouds on top, the symbol of the members of the Akatsuki, giving you the style of the missing ninja and also protecting you from the cold and rain with their Akatsuki Cloak. Go on a mission with Itachi Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Obito, Tobi, or Sasori or Hiddan to fight for your main goal. The Minato Cloak is one of the most desired cloak by the fans of the anime Naruto, because it is the symbol of the 4th Hokage, a powerful ninja both admired and feared by his enemies. Minato fought against Madara Uchiha while Nine Tails is deploying in the village and begins its ravages in the Hidden Leaf Village. Displaying red flames on a white coat, and having the 4th Hokage inscription on top, this Minato Cloak is perfect for fans of the series but also for cosplayers. We also propose you the 5th Hokage Tsunade coat and Naruto Uzumaki’s coat the 7th Hokage. The Naruto Cloak is available in 2 colors White with red flames which he wore when he became Hokage, or Orange with black flames which is the Senju Naruto Cloak that he wore to fight against the powerful Bread, which almost destroyed Konoha.