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Kunai Naruto

Welcome to you Ninja! Any good Shinobi must have some Kunai on either before leaving on a mission ! But don’t worry, here you can explore at your ease in our Hidden Leaf Village website the style of Kunai you are looking for.
The Kunai knife is a ninja and shinobi throwing weapon, very famous among the manga characters, especially the manga Naruto, of which it is extremely used as weapons, especially knife throwing, and it allows the ninja to hang explosives or paper bombs before throwing them, allowing to make a lot of damage to his target.
The basic kunai is a throwing knife, and is very popular in many anime series, video games, movies, Japanese pop culture, and in manga including Naruto. It is found in different forms in this one, for all the fans of Naruto anime series and anime, you may have noticed that some characters have their own Kunai, like for example, Asuma who has a shape of American fist fused with a knife, allowing Asuma to put his Chakra in his kunai, making them extremely resistant and sharp, even extending the range of his attacks. We also find him with the emblematic character Minato the fourth Hokage. His handmade kunai allows him to use his teleportation technique ‘Flying Raijin’, when he threw his kunai, and which earned him the nickname ‘Flying Thinder God’ by his enemies.
Kunai is one of the emblematic weapons of the ninja, and is essential to any good ninja cosplay.